Arleen Olshan

Arleen is working hard to create that special item just for you.


Wouldn't you like a custom made leather bag for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for that special someone!


A custom fitted belt is a little luxury that everyone should indulge in. Don't know your size, no problem! That is one reason why they are "custom!"

Leather Boxes!

These specially made leather boxes are made in the style and size you want to hold that something special.

Wrist Cuffs

The perfect accent to just about any outfit. These stylish cuffs say that something special about you!

Here you can see examples of Arleen’s work, find out about where she is showing her work, and get to know Arleen, her history and her work.

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There is more to come but in the mean time take a look at the information that is here already.